Coin/Token Development

The concept of coin or token development first came in the market with the help of Satoshi Nakamato during the year of 2009. He first introduced the concept of blockchain as well as cryptocurrency in front of the whole world.

What is cryptographic coin?

A cryptographic currency is an advanced or virtual cash intended to function as a mechanism of trade. It utilizes cryptography to make sure about and check exchanges just as to control the making of new units of a specific digital money. Basically, digital currencies are restricted sections in a database that nobody can change except if explicit conditions are satisfied.

How can we help you?

We are experts in making crypto coins for the decentralized digital money that we have created. At IGMI Lead, we have cater our services to a variety of customers with their custom digital forms of money. They are made depending on on versatile, upgraded and extensible blockchain innovation or technology. And while dealing with such genre of currency  we can assure you for simple as well as secure transaction.


Types of coins we develop


Bitcoin is a digital money. It is a decentralized advanced money system devoid of a national bank or single executive that can be sent from client to client on the distributed bitcoin arrange without the requirement for middle people.


Altcoin is the term given to portray elective computerized resources, for example, a coin or token that isn’t Bitcoin. This classification originates from the possibility that Bitcoin is the first digital money and that all others are then viewed as “exchange” or “option” coins. The expression of altcoin, is additionally utilized to allude computerized resources that would likewise can be referred or cited as “tokens” instead of coins.

Crypto Token

Crypto tokens, which are additionally called crypto resources, are uncommon sorts of virtual cash tokens that live all alone blockchains and speak to an advantage or utility. Regularly, they are utilized to raise money for swarm deals as well as they can also be utilized as a supplant for different things.