About Us

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do, it’s the thing that runs our business” – Steve Wynn

HumanVedaa is a behind-the-scenes agency that provides customized HR solution based on your business requirements. From Talent Acquisition to Retaining to Developing, HumanVedaa looks after your HR needs, leaving you at ease to explore new opportunities to grow your brand. 

We work on a philosophy that business objectives are achievable when you consider your workforce to be Human Capital rather than Human Resources. HumanVedaa specializes in transforming the traditional workforce into a business-oriented unit that commonly drives towards progress.

Our Services

Grooming Talent

Acquiring Talent

Sustaining Talent

Developing Talent

Our Vision

We believe that every individual and every organization is different. We aim to ensure the right fitment of individual in alignment with business, objectves and strategies so as to enable the individuals to unleash their true potential and business to perform at optimum level……

Our Mission

To use our expertise, latest technology and HR tools to handle all HR related requirements and transform the face of HR from just being a support function to a strategic business partnering function.
To empower the clients we work with to focus on their core business strengths and growth. To mentor young students and professionals in their journey for a successful career. To create a positive social impact in the lives of people by all that we do at HumanVedaa……

Our Values

We believe the road to success is through strong devotion and being able to be truthful under all circumstances. Our services stand on firm principles of retaining balance, uniqueness and originality in every spectrum. To provide a hassle-free HR experience for our clients, we maintain POISE in our work.

HumanVedaa works on five main principles

P - Passionate about whatever we do

O - Ownership of project we undertake

I - Innovatively customized solution

S - Socially Impactful in all our activities

E - Ethics at the center of all our actions

Why HumanVedaa

● HumanVedaa is your one stop HR solution
● We provide unique customized HR consulting solutions focused on enhancing business
productivity, efficiency, and employee morale
● Our clients’ success = Our success = a cohesive partnership
● We follow a meticulously professional and aggressive approach to acquire, retain, and
develop the right talent
● We provide solutions to your HR needs in an easy to understand format
● We have a team of dynamic HR professionals who are experts and industrial veterans
having catered to various sectors.

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